Why Pontal do Delta?

Pontal do Delta is a promising real estate and tourism project under development in Northeastern Brazil integrating hotels, apartments, individual plots and a range of leisure facilities. Invest in one of the fastest growing regions in Brazil. Find out more on this page:

  • Despite Brazilian economy currently undergoing a transition period with economic slowdown on a national level, Piauí and other Northeastern states continue to register attractive economic growth rates outperforming the current national average by far.
  • The region has a good infrastructure under constant development
  • Average annual temperatures range from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius with warm sea water and a pleasant breeze all year
  • Fascinating nature, dunes and breath-taking sundowns
  • A paradise for kitesurfing with Pontal do Delta known as a secret spot
  • Nearly 30 million Brazilian tourists choose the Northeast as their vacation destination
  • Attractive investment with more than promising future perspectives



Pontal do Delta is in the Northeast  of Brazil, in the province of Piaui, an approximately one-hour flight from Fortaleza, São Luis or the capital Teresina. The international airport Parnaíba is 20 minutes away and is connected to the most important cities.Pontal do Delta is located at the Praia do Pontal right in the hearth of the Delta do Parnaíba facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio Parnaíba, which divides Piauí from the neighbor state Maranhão.



Parnaíba has fine infrastructural access to land, to water, as well as from the air. The Parnaíba international airport be reached from the capital Teresina and from Fortaleza within an hour’s flight time multiple times a week with Azul. Within short further conncetions shall be confirmed. Internationally the major airlines fly to different destinations in Brazil, including Lufthansa, Condor, Delta, American Airlines, LAN, TAM, TAP, IBERIA, Air France and many more. Domestic flights are secured by the major national airlines like Azul, and TAM, as well as Gol, Avianca and the regional arline Sete among others. Via the newly built federal highway 085 one can arrive in just over five hours from the metropole Fortaleza. The historical harbour of Porto das Barcas is in Parnaíba, while Porto dos Tatus in Ilha Grande is centre for boat excursions into the Delta do Parnaíba. The industrial port of Luis Correia was planned and initiated decades ago and the current government plans to pick up the development of this important infrastructure.


Flight hours from Rio de Janeiro


Flight hours from New York


Flight hours from Frankfurt




The regional climate is one of the best that the world has to offer as it allows tourism 365 days per year. The average annual temperature, at 28 degrees, is more than pleasant, with a maximum of 32 degrees during the day – with a refreshing breeze from the Atlantic – and 24 degrees at night. Six to ten hours of sunshine await vacationers. The perfect conditions for active holidays, exploring the surroundings or any kind of sports activity, especially kitesurfing.

In addition to the outstanding climate, Pontal do Delta is located in a region with no natural catastrophes and is one of the most secure and stable regions on the planet.





Brazil has become one of the largest economies in the world through economic growth in the past decade underpinned by improving terms of trade, rising exports, broadly supported macro-policies, credit facilities and supportive fiscal policy.

According to a report from Goldman Sachs, the Brazilian economy will overtake Italy in the next 20 years and reach a position not far behind India and Russia.

Even if Brazil’s economy has slowed drastically down, parts of the Northeast continue to outperform the rest of the country. Northeastern growth in GDP rate in 2014 was 3,7%, a figure that towers over the Brazilian 0,1%. In 2011 Parnaíba, home of the Pontal do Delta project and the second largest town in Piauí, was registering the highest growth rate among all cities in Brazil.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) latest world economic league table forecasts for 2030 and 2050 (February 2015), are projecting that Brazil will become the sixth largest world economy in 2030 in PPP terms (Purchasing Power Parity) and 5th in 2050. PwC highlights that emerging economies, Brazil, China and India, will become not just low production locations but also increasing large consumer markets, offering greater opportunities than advanced economies for foreign investors.


Tourism in Brazil


There is hardly another country with such a diverse natural environment as Brazil. The Amazon rainforest is spread over an area of ca. 6,915,000 square kilometres. That is larger than all of Western Europe. Scientists estimate that the Amazon region contains roughly half of all land and plant life; between 800,00 and 5,000,000 varieties live there. This covers 15-30 percent of all species on earth. Around 1,700 varieties of birds, that’s more than two thirds, have their home in the Amazon region. The genetic richness of this region is still largely unresearched.  Brazil covers almost half of the South American continent and with a surface area of more than 8 million sqm is the fifth largest country on earth after Russia, Canada, China and the United States. The Ministry of Tourism revealed a program for the development of the Northeast, in which $736 million is to invested in infrastructure projects, airport expansions and street renovation. Furthermore steps were taken in order to protect cultural heritage and the environment.

In the meantime the tourism industry in Brazil has become the biggest employer. In addition, approximately 98 million tourists travelled within the country or came from outside of it in the year 2013, and the trend is rising. Among the domestic tourists, Northeastern Brazil is particularly favoured. This is also reflected in the number of resorts built in recent years where Northeast account for 44.5%.  At the moment there is a giant gap between the demand and supply. In the year 2013 788,999 foreign tourists and over 7.4 million domestic tourists were registered. Due to the advantageous climate, tourism in Brazil is not just a seasonal business. In the years 2005-2013 tourism has steadily increased. In 2005 39 million domestic and 5.8 million international tourists visited Brazil. In 2013 these figures have risen to 89 million domestic tourists and more than 9 million international tourists.

These numbers are particularly promising for projects like Pontal do Delta.


Why Piauí


The state of Piauí is one of the fastest growing within Brazil and yet quite undiscovered for the large majority. Piauí offers a full range of tourist experiences within adventure, nature, health and sports. For tourism Piauí offers not only astonishing landscapes with long beaches and untouched nature, but also historic landmarks like the Serra do Capivara, Sete Cidades and cultural events, historic cities and hospitality everywhere you go.The coast of Piauí has a number of beaches with rare beauty and a variety of possibilities for excursions within short distance. The National Park of Sete Cidades in Piracuruca is located some 180 km from Parnaíba or Teresina and belongs to the largest and most important national parks in Brazil. The stable winds have made the beach of Barra Grande the new spot for kitesurfers in Northeastern Brasil hosting international events as a consolidated tourist destination.




With a population of approximately 150,000 Parnaíba is the second largest city in Piauí and located close to beautiful beaches with white sands, dune landscapes and palms offering an exotic scenery for swimming, hiking, riding or kitesurfing.
Parnaíba is a charming historic town with a large number of historic buildings and signs of a rich industrial period during the last century.
Boat rides in the Delta do Parnaíba are the main attraction and as one of three natural river deltas in the world a must to experience with mangrove forests spread throughout hundreds of tiny channels with many varieties of tropical birds, fish and wonderful examples of Brazilian wildlife.
The region is a paradise for sports and active vacation with the year-round mild trade winds bringing the best conditions for surfing, kitesurfing, sailing and motor boating. The beautiful, kilometre-long sand beaches invite all passionate equestrians for a ride they will certainly not soon forget.


Rota das Emoções


One highlight is the lovely tourist route Rota das Emoções that runs from Jericocoara across the Delta do Parnaíba to Lençóis Maranhenses. The Jericoacoara beach in the state of Ceará is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and not only loved by wind- and kitesurfers.

The area of the Lençóis Maranhenses belongs to the most beautiful areas of Brazil. The national park consist of an enormous area covered with sand dunes and freshwater lagoons that transform into a particularly breath-taking paradise in months during and right after the rainy season.

The surface of these natural lakes receive their turquoise colour from the sun. The wind is responsible for the curvaceous contours. It is a unique spectacle of the natural world for one to admire.




The Pontal do Delta is a paradise for all those who like to play sports and who like to have an active vacation. The year-round mild trade winds bring the best conditions for surfing, kitesurfing, sailing and motor boating. The beautiful, kilometre-long sand beaches invite all passionate equestrians for a ride they will certainly not soon forget.




Pontal do Delta is located right in the heart of the Delta do Parnaíba along a kilometre-long beach offering a breath-taking scenery, dunes to explore, lush palm vegetation and magical fresh-water lagoons.

Within Pontal do Delta a wide range of projects are being prepared combining outstanding tourist comfort and modern facilities with typical Bali-style local architecture. The protection and preservation of the environment is at the forefront of the project and all projects carefully integrate habits and culture of the local population.

The Brazilian government has put its focus on a program for protecting the environment and ecological tourism. This project aims to preserve the charm and character of the region, as well as to protect the culture of the local population, while simultaneously offering huge development opportunities for the local communities.

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